By far the worst problem associated with groundwater extraction is a blockage caused by the interaction of dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria. In the past, such blockages have led to the abandonment and subsequent replacement of bores.   No longer!

Clearbore is a biodegradable granular chemical designed to remove the blockage of biofilm and hard encrustations that result from dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria.

Clearbore will dissolve the blockage simply and easily and allow the pump to return to normal operation within hours. Clearbore can also be utilised to dissolve the iron build-up in a reticulation system.

Water bores are a major expense and an important part of your infrastructure and as such should be kept in good condition. As we all know ‘Murphy’s Law’ will strike at the most inopportune time!

Clearbore can help you stay well ahead of any unforeseen problems with the production of water from a bore.

A Clearbore treatment was carried out at Wagga Wagga NSW. The bore depth was 68 metres deep with 20 metres of screen, the diameter 500mm the column was 250mm.  Prior to the Clearbore treatment the flow was 70 litres per second with 8 metres of water over the pump drawing down to nil. After the Clearbore treatment the flow returned to 150 litres per second with 28 metres of water over the pump at drawdown. An excellent result in anyone’s language!

Clearbore can be used on surface mounted pumps with equal success.

Using Clearbore is a cost effective solution in the maintenance of water bores and pipelines. A regular Clearbore treatment eliminates the costly down time associated with pipeline pigging or a full bore rejuvenation. Clearbore reduces power costs by keeping the bore pump working at optimum efficiency. Clearbore reduces long-term costs and addresses environmental concerns by maximising the use of existing bore installations and extending their useful life.

Prove it to yourself, next time a bore or pump is due for maintenance try Clearbore and be pleasantly surprised at the results – it will certainly cost you less money.

Every Clearbore container comes with a testing liquid that can be used to indicate when the bore water is ready for use after the Clearbore treatment.


Screen Before Clearbore Treatment

Screen before Clearbore treatment

Screen after Clearbore treatment

Screen after Clearbore treatment