Before Clearbore treatment

After Clearbore treatment

The leading water bore and pump cleaner

Clearbore was developed in 1993 specifically to save local water bores that were blocked with iron – the result of drawing groundwater through the iron-rich Hawkesbury sandstone that surrounds Sydney, Australia.  The first Dealers to accept and use Clearbore all those years ago are still faithful to what started as a product made up on request to assist local farmers in the Hawkesbury area.

It’s a different story now as the name Clearbore has become synonymous with 100% effective bore and pump cleaning wherever and however iron and iron-related bacteria problems occur – as discoloured groundwater, or as a rusty-red sludge, encrustation or biofilm that blocks bores, pumps, screens, pipes and irrigation equipment.

Iron staining from the use of bore water is another problem faced by bore water users, and after repeated requests for a stain remover, two products, X-Fe and X-Fe Forte, were introduced in 1998.  X-Fe is used to effortlessly remove bore water, iron and rust stains from tiles, toilets and from difficult to treat vertical surfaces such as shower enclosures, glass windows, Colorbond fences and boats.  X-Fe Forte removes bore water, iron and rust stains from porous surfaces such as sandstone and concrete paving.  Both products are simple and safe to use and, like Clearbore, are completely biodegradable.

  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent Customer Service and Technical

Developed, owned and manufactured wholly in Australia.

Clearbore Pty Ltd now exports to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom and Europe, sending Australian know-how around the world.

The original formulations have been improved over the years but the original principle of “a quality product at a reasonable price with the best possible service” is still the aim of Clearbore Pty Ltd.